Our Story

In 1983, Donald Oesterlin took his years of experience with Nuclear Chicago (now Siemens) and IsoData to start a new company, Laboratory Technologies, Inc.
As lead engineer, Donald assembled a staff with years of experience in nuclear test equipment. Our Engineers have had real world experience in gamma counters, thyroid uptake systems, dose calibrators, multi-channel analyzers, gamma cameras and much more.

Laboratory Technologies, Inc. is an American company, designing and manufacturing all our products in the USA. Our headquarters are located in the village of Elburn Illinois, about 50 miles (80 km) west of Chicago Illinois USA. Still a privately held family company, under the leadership of Jeffrey Oesterlin, Laboratory Technologies, Inc. continues to strive for innovation and quality.

LTI released its first product, the GENESYS™ 5000 Series gamma counter in 1985.  The Genesys™ is world renowned as the best multi-well gamma counter, with thousands of units in service, some of those still from the 1980’s.

Today, we design, manufacture and service instrumentation for the Clinical, Research, Nuclear Medicine, Radiopharmacy, Veterinary Clinics, and Life Sciences Departments.

LTI’s first product line, the Genesys™ 5000 Series Multi-Well Gamma Counters were designed for the Clinical Laboratories. With its innovative software and the introduction of cutting edge touch screen technology, the Genesys™ quickly made a name for itself. By 1988, The Genesys™ was recognized worldwide as the best Multi-Well Gamma Counter on the market.   

The Genesys™ 5000 Series was also sold as reagent rentals through Ciba-Corning and private labeled for Organon Teknika Corporation (OTC) as the OTC 7000 Series. This resulted in thousands of Genesys™ 5000 Series Multi-Well Gamma Counters put into service worldwide.

The Genesys™ 6000 Series Gamma Counter was later released for the VERY large laboratories to count up to 60 samples at a time.  

In 1995, LTI designed it’s first counter aimed specifically at the Nuclear Medicine market. The Wiper™ is a revolutionary concept in wipe test counters. With unparalleled resolution, the Wiper™ is able to identify specific Isotopes down to 1/4 KEV resolution.

Today, with new proprietary technology, the Wiper™ Gold can accurately count Isotopes up to 1 MEV, giving answers in DPM, without the need for a reference source. It can accurately count over 18 million counts per minute, report results in a variety of units, has a build in multi-channel analyzer(MCA), and many more advanced features.
While many of our Genesys™ 5000 Series gamma counters have found their way into Nuclear Medicine departments. The Genesys™ was never designed to do wipe tests, The multiple wells however, made this a common choice for Nuclear Medicine departments, where time is money.

In 2005 LTI developed a better solution, The Multi-Wiper™.  The Multi-Wiper™ is the worlds first gamma counter designed specifically for the Nuclear Medicine Department.  The Multi-Wiper™ allows the user to count up to 10 wipes at a time, allowing for individual isotope identification, MDA(minimum detectable activity) and Pass/Fail reporting, in addition to superior wipe test abilities,

In 1990, Laboratory Technologies, Inc. developed Bind-It™ in response to market need for a safe, cost effective means to remove radioactive iodine contamination in laboratories, nuclear pharmacies and hospital nuclear medicine departments.

In late 2010, we learned what happens after a patient is administered Radioactive Iodine.  What we found out was quite shocking.  There is a tremendous amount of misinformation out there on the internet.  Not only are completely unqualified people offering others advice about radioactive iodine, but they are spreading dangerously wrong information to unsuspecting thyroid patients.  When we saw someone in a blog telling Radioactive Iodine patients that they should use a strong cleaner like bleach, it really hit home (bleach is known to cause iodine to vaporize, becoming gaseous).

We decided to do something to change this.  After quite a lot of research, we developed detailed instructions for using Bind-It™ at home (how and what types of surfaces will need cleaning).

In 2023, we discovered that there is a great need for radioactive decontamination products in other industries. We contracted the best testing laboratory in the country to do an independent study of Bind-It™. With a few minor adjustments to our formula, we now have an new and better product.

S4FE-D™ CBRN Decontaminant - Powered by Bind-It™. S4FE-D™ not only removes up to 99% of radioactive contamination, it also remove also removes 98% of Biological and 98% of Chemical contamination.

S4FE-D™ CBRN Decontamination Products are the only safe, effective, shelf stable, Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) decontaminants anywhere.

In 2024 we partnered with a new distributor to bring S4FE-D™ CBRN Decontamination Products beyond the medical industries and into Civil Defense, Military, Law Enforcement, Fire and rescue, EMS services and more.