Home Isolation Safety

S4FE-D™ Home Isolation Kit - Powered by Bind-It™

Safe and Effective Removal of harmful contamination following your chemotherapy or radioactive iodine (I131) nuclear medicine procedure.

    • Dangerous chemicals will also pass out of your body through a sneeze, a cough, a runny nose, saliva, urine, stool, vomit, even your breath.
    • Any surfaces you touch must be cleaned.  If not cleaned promptly, that contamination will spread.
    • When a healthy family member is exposed to I-131 contamination, their cells can mutate. This mutation can cause cancer cells. 
    • Protect your loved ones with S4FE-D™ CBRN Decontaminant - powered by Bind-It™, the only cleaner designed to bind and remove Radioactive Iodine (I131) Bind-It™ has a proven record of Superior Performance.
    • Chemotherapy drugs are extremely dangerous to other members of your household, contamination will remain on surfaces until it is properly cleaned with S4FE-D™.
    • Household cleaners and disinfectants can cause contamination to become airborne spreading the contamination.
    • Hospitals and nuclear medicine departments have relied on Bind-It™ products for over 30 years. Use what the professional trust S4FE-D™ CBRN Decontamination products - powered by Bind-It™

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      Radio-iodine treatment is intended for patients - not their families. Extra care needs to be taken, particularly with children and pregnant women, to ensure that every reasonable step is made to eliminate contamination others may come in contact with in your home isolation area.

      Household cleaners are made for germs and dirt. S4FE-D™ Decontamination Products are designed to remove chemical and radioactive contamination.  No other cleaner is more effective. 

      This is why S4FE-D™ Home Isolation Kits were developed.

      Most people’s knowledge of radiation comes from what they learned in high school science classes, or what they see in movies (zombies roaming Chernobyl), or the media (Fukushima, North Korea, etc.) In short, what you know is all bad.

      Now you are told that you will be swallowing a capsule of radioactive iodine to “fix” your thyroid problem. But - you have to go home - and stay isolated from your family for several days so you don’t expose and contaminate them.

      S4FE-D™ Home Isolation Kit gives patients peace of mind because they are using products designed specifically to remove and prevent contamination. You are using the same product that the nuclear medicine departments use to remove contamination.

      Is isolation distance enough?

      Other countries isolate their I131 patients in special lead lined hospital rooms. Isolation rooms get contaminated. Before another patient can use that room it must be decontaminated. Unfortunately in-hospital isolation isn’t always an option here in the U.S. Just because we send patients home, we shouldn’t assume contamination is not an issue.

      Out-of-sight / out-of-mind doesn’t mean contamination isn’t there. This isn’t a hospital room -- this is your home.


      Patients in home isolation should focus on recovery, not worry about contaminating family members. Ordinary household cleaners just don’t work at removing chemical and radioactive contamination. Worse yet, many contain bleach - which volatilizes chemicals- and spreads it further.


      Helpful guidelines 

      S4FE-D™ Home Isolation Kit come with complete instructions. They detail what surfaces to clean in the washrooms, bedrooms, etc. The instructions detail storage of contaminated paper towels, how to treat laundry, bed sheets, etc. - virtually everything they need to know and do to minimize the chances of exposure to others. Instructions are presented in straight forward, easy to understand language. Best of all, we encourage you to call (800) 542-1123 if you have any questions or concerns. 

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      Feline Hyperthyroid I131 Treatment

      Radioactive Iodine (I131) has become the preferred method of treatment for feline hyperthyroidism.

      It's simply one injection under the skin and highly effective. The I-131 dose is absorbed into your cats bloodstream. Your cats thyroid tumor will then take up as much radioactive iodine as it can hold. Once in the thyroid, the radioactive Beta particles emitted by the I131 destroy the tumors, leaving the regular, healthy thyroid intact. When released from the clinic, the cat will be radioactive.  The veterinarian may advise that the cat remain isolated at home for an extended period of time to avoid radiation exposure to family.

      When I131 leaves the cat’s body through urine, feces, perspiration and saliva, it causes contamination. This contamination will remain on surfaces for many weeks unless properly removed. Contact with contamination by pet owners can lead to internal uptake and damage to their thyroids. Pregnant women and children should be especially cautious around potentially contaminated areas.

      The litter box is the major point of contamination and it must be cleaned properly. Cats release radioactive iodine through perspiration. Cats sweat through their paws. Being the agile animals that they are, they jump onto and walk across furniture, beds, countertops, etc.  As they do, they are likely contaminating these surfaces with radioactive iodine.

      Cats bathe themselves by licking their fur. This frequent “cleaning” will also likely cause contamination of their fur from saliva.  Because of this, hands may become contaminated when handling the cat.

      The S4FE-D™ Feline Isolation Kit comes complete with everything needed for 2 weeks of use. Included in the care pack are:

      1 - 16 fl. oz bottle of S4FE-D™ CBRN Soap: Wash your hands regularly to reduce the risk of exposure.

      1 - 32 fl. oz bottle of S4FE-D™ CBRN Decon Spray: Use on the litter box, floor, counters, almost any surface. Detailed instructions included.

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