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Laboratory Technologies, Inc

Wipe Test Kit

Wipe Test Kit

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Wipe Test Kit is used to perform wipe tests as described in NRC and Agreement State Regulations. They provide an efficient, simple way to sample areas to test for contamination with radioactivity.


Each wipe test kit includes 200 – 50mm (2″) cloth squares and 200 – 12 x 75mm test tubes with caps, 1 fine tipped permanent marker.

  1. identify each sample wipe
  2. prevent cross-contamination of smears
  3. transfer the wipe to the counting facility
  4. place directly in your Wiper or Multi-Wiper wipe test counter
  5. store the wipe until discarded

These wipes can be used on either wet or dry surfaces.  Once used simply roll up the wipe and stuff into the included 75mm test tubes.


Any facility using radioactive material must insure that routine wipe tests are conducted in their laboratories or department. Laboratory Technologies, Inc. Wipe Test Kit is perfect for any facility.


  1. Background Sample (Blank): A clean wipe used to determine the number of counts corresponding to a contamination free surface.
  2. Control Sample: A test tube containing a known amount of radioactive material, typically less than 0.1 microCurie, and a clean cotton swab or filter paper.
  3. Disintegration per minute (dpm): The Wiper Wipe Test Counters provide answers in dpm, no hand calculations needed.


A map of the lab should be created showing benches, refrigerators, freezers, sinks, fume hoods, and biosafety cabinets. Equipment used such as centrifuges, hybridization ovens and water baths should be drawn on the map as well. The map should indicate areas to be checked for contamination using the wipe test method. Use numbers to correspond to the various locations. The number of wipes depends on the size of the laboratory and the number of benches used for radioactive procedures. Here are typical locations that should be monitored for contamination using the wipe test method:

  1. Laboratory benches used for radioactive materials
  2. Floors in front of benches
  3. Equipment used with radioactive material
  4. Door handle to freezer and/or refrigerator used for storing radioactive material
  5. Sink used for disposal of radioactive material
  6. Cover to radioactive waste containers
  7. Fume Hoods used for radioactive material research
  8. Laboratory door handle

In addition, you must monitor equipment used in radioactive procedures, including:

  1. Centrifuges
  2. Hybridization ovens
  3. Water baths
  4. Wipe test counters
  5. Plexiglas shields
  6. L-blocks

With a Wipe, rub the surface of the target area. Wipe approximately 100 cm2 of the surface. Roll the wipe up and stuff it into the included test tube. If you plane to transport the wipes outside of your department or laboratory, place a cap on the tube.  Perform a wipe test on all designated areas on the map using a new wipe for each location. When counting the wipes, a background sample and control should be included.  The background and control are used to determine if a particular wipe is contaminated and the amount of contamination. Record the number for that wipe on test tube or cap.

Follow your facilities guidelines on wipe testing. Wipes should be recorded in DPM. Once complete, wash your hands with S4FE-D™ CBRN Decontamination Soap. The best way to ensure your hands are clean of all radioactive contamination.