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Laboratory Technologies, Inc

Wiper™ Gold Premium Well Counter

Wiper™ Gold Premium Well Counter

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Key Features

  • Choose results in CPM, DPM, nCi, µCi, mCi, Bq, KBq or MBq
  • User-programmable trigger levels
  • Reverse decay a test run of samples automatically
  • Q.C. hot samples – 300,000+ CPS with excellent linearity
  • Exceeds NRC and state requirements
  • Calibrate with Cs137, Na22 or Co57
  • AutoSpect™ automatic DPM
  • Sample volume correction
  • view and analyze samples with a 4096 channel MCA
  • Extremely flexible sample count times
  • Decay calculator; decay a sample to the past or future
  • Iterative count function, set it up and walk away
  • Powerful, yet simple to use
  • Optional large sample well to accommodate 50 ml centrifugal tubes


TheWiper Gold Wipe Test Counter is first and foremost an advanced, easy to use, wipe counter. The Wipe Library features storage for up to 30 unique wipe tests. Whether wiping outgoing packages, or checking a fume hood, there is room to configure a location to your needs. Configuration options include setting a location name, count time, background subtract, and trigger level.

Let’s face it, there is no one solution to fit all wipe test needs. That’s why the Wiper Gold Wipe Test Counter allows you to choose your own Pass/Fail trigger levels and automatically calculates the MDA (minimal detectable activity.

Software – Simplicity, Re-defined

Load your wipe into the well and press the button.  Your wipe is counted and automatically converted to DPM.  If the wipe is above trigger, it is flagged and the contaminating isotope identified – that’s all there is to it.

Your Time is Valuable

Answer a few questions, and we will pre-program the instrument – customized for your department.  Your Wiper™ Gold then arrives ready to use, just plug it in and go . . .

The Detector

Radiation is emitted 360 degrees, yet some manufacturers don’t seem to understand that. Minimizing crystal mass below the well has a detrimental effect on counting efficiency – especially at higher energies.

The Wiper™ Gold’s crystal design: more crystal mass where it counts – below the sample

We designed it better

By increasing the crystal mass and thickness below the well (up to 400%), the Wiper Gold Wipe Test Counter captures more counts, making it ideal for 511 PET isotopes.

Our design results in 40% more crystal mass than some other well counters.

With .75 inches of lead shielding (50% more than other wipe counters), lower background readings are achieved without adding external lead.

More shielding + greater crystal mass = Lower MDA’s, 80% Co57 efficiency and better results with isotopes like F18.


One of the keys to making wipe counting fast, easy and accurate is providing useful isotope identification when a “hot” wipe is found.  A low resolution analyzer hampers performance and can result in false readings and mis-identified contaminants.

Wipe counters with 64 or even 256 channels just don’t have the resolution needed for isotope identification. With such low resolution, you may not be able to distinguish Tc99m from Co57.

Other counters use a low resolution analyzer. It’s like taking a picture with a cheap camera .

The Wiper™ Gold provides superior resolution with 4096 channels.  No “ifs” no “buts” – just accurate, unmistakeable isotope ID – every time.  The answer is clear.

With the Wiper™ Gold’s analyzer, results are crystal clear – like a quality high resolution camera.

Say Goodbye to all those Calibration Sources

With our proprietary AutoSpect feature, you no longer need to purchase expensive isotope standards for multiple energies.

Our unique approach allows the user to count any gamma emitting isotope* and get accurate DPM results automatically. 

No “fudge” factors needed, no guess work necessary.  Just accurate DPM results automatically and effortlessly.

With the Wiper™ Gold there is no need for multiple sources.

For The Physicist 

Especially for the Physicist, the RSO and “Power” users:

Improved high activity counting – samples over 300,000 CPS may be counted with exceptional linearity.

Automatic sample decay correction – with automatic decay correction  samples at the end of a batch are as statistically accurate as samples at the beginning of the batch.

Advanced MCA Features – Zoom, ROI, PHA, Peak Search, Marking, etc.  A full featured MCA, without complicating daily use.

Reverse/Future decay correction – decay correct a sample to a previous point in time or a future point in time.  Using reverse decay correction, the user can determine what the activity would have been two days, or even two weeks earlier.

Sample volume correction – corrects for geometry differences when samples with varying physical volumes need to be counted and compared. 

AutoSpect™ Efficiency Correction

Until now, there have been two basic ways to determine DPM for wipe test samples:

1.  Calculate the efficiency of the counter by using a known, calibrated source of the isotope you are looking for (or use a “mock” standard).

2. Enter an efficiency value based on a “best guess”.

While either of these methods will produce results, keeping calibrated sources for every isotope you use in the department is expensive, and checking them regularly is time consuming. The second method of estimating the efficiency is questionable, and not accepted by all regulatory agencies.

Laboratory Technologies, Inc. now offers you a third option; AutoSpect™. Built into every Wiper™, Multi-Wiper™ and Multi-Wiper HE™, AutoSpect™ provides an accurate method for reporting wipe test results in DPM, without needing calibration sources.

AutoSpect™ uses known detector efficiency values at various levels across the energy spectrum. These values account for crystal thickness and well geometry among other factors in order to maximize accuracy. Armed with this data, the Wiper™ and Multi-Wiper™ automatically determine the detector’s efficiency at any point on the energy spectrum. At the same time, it allows the instrument to count and display spectra as they truly should appear, unaffected by lower detector efficiency at higher energy.

Cs137 spectrum shown “raw”
Cs137 spectrum shown with AutoSpect™ correction

If you choose to use AutoSpect™, the photon abundance can be entered for each isotope in the library. Each isotope is unique, so it is important to enter the proper number. The instrument comes pre-programmed with abundance factors for the most common nuclear medicine isotopes. You can add or adjust any values you wish.
AutoSpect™ applies the crystal efficiency, determined by your isotope window, as well as the photon abundance. Your Wiper™ or Multi-Wiper™ automatically converts CPM into DPM for all wipe test samples run with an AutoSpect™ enabled isotope.
AutoSpect™ makes for truly simple, accurate and automatic wipe test reports sure to please your regulatory inspector or RSO. Best of all, it is already set up in the system; the user needs to do nothing more than count their wipes.


Detector(standard Model):

2.125"(54mm) x 1.125" (25.5mm) NaI(tl) drilled well crystal coupled to a high gain, linearity-selected photomultiplier tube.  Assembly is hermetically sealed in aluminum housing with an internal mu-metal magnetic shield.  Asymmetrical crystal shape provides additional crystal mass below the well for greater efficiency with higher energy isotopes such as F18.

Detector( LSV Model):

Solid 2.125"(54mm) x 1.125" (25.5mm) NaI(tl) crystal coupled to a high gain, linearity-selected photomultiplier tube.  Assembly is hermetically sealed in aluminum housing with an internal mu-metal magnetic shield.  

 Well Dimension (standard Model):

1.25 inches deep x .669 inches diameter.

Sample Well Dimension: (LSV Model)

3.6” (91.5mm) deep x 1.22”(31mm) diameter.

Shielding (Standard Model) :

0.75 inches of virgin lead, extending more than 3.5 inches beyond the bottom of the crystal.

Shielding (LSV Model):

0.75” (19mm) of virgin lead sounding the crystal. With shielding extending more than 3.4” (86mm) above and beyond the bottom of the crystal. For a total of 6.76” (200mm) in length.

High Voltage:

Custom engineered Croft-Walton style circuitry with multi-stage gain adjust for ultra-precise software control of calibration.


High speed 4096 channel analyzer (12 bit) with automatic dead time correction, pole zero correction and baseline restoration.  Integral linearity better than 0.5%.  Count rate capability 300,000 CPS.


Optional printer.


100-240 VAC (Universal, automatically adjusting power supply), 50-60Hz, less than 30 watt consumption.

Dimensions/weight (Standard Model):

10.5”(267mm)W x 12"(305mm)” x 11”H (280mm).  23 Lbs. (10.4Kg)

Dimensions/weight ( LSV Model):

10.5”(267mm)W x 12”(305mm)D x 12”(305mm)H 32 Lbs. (14.4kg)



LABORATORY TECHNOLOGIES, INC. warrants that all products of its manufacture shall be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service. Any product found to be defective within one year of installation shall be repaired or replaced by the Seller.
 This Limited Warranty to repair applies only to new Products, which after shipment from the factory of the Seller, have not been damaged, altered, changed, repaired or treated in any manner whatsoever by other than the Seller’s authorized representatives, and does not extend to trade accessories, though sold or operated with the Seller’s Products.


LTIW100US Wiper Gold usually ships with within 14 days of order.

LTIW101US Wiper Gold LSV, is a custom order model, it  usually ships with within 60 days of order.

This product ship by common carrier ( i.e. UPS, FedEx)

Shipping dimensions

LTIW100US  21"(53cm) x 16"(41cm) x 12"(30cm) 26lbs (12Kg)

LTIW101US 24"(53cm) x 16"(41cm) x 16"(30cm) 36lbs (16Kg)