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S4FE-D™ Feline Isolation Kit

S4FE-D™ Feline Isolation Kit

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The S4FE-D™ Feline Isolation Pack comes complete with everything you will need for  2 weeks of use, Included in the package is:

1 bottle of  16 fl. ounce bottles of S4FE-D™ CBRN Decontamination Soap

1 bottle of 32 fl. ounce S4FE-D™ CBRN Decontaminant Spray

Detailed instructions

When released from the clinic, your cat will still be radioactive when arriving home.  Your veterinarian may advise that your cat remain isolated at home for an extended period of time to avoid radiation exposure to family.

When I131 (radioactive iodine) leaves your pet’s body through urine, feces, perspiration and saliva, it causes contamination.  If it comes in contact with people, it may be absorbed and enter their thyroid.  Pregnant women and small children should be especially cautious around potentially contaminated areas.

The litter box may be a major point of contamination and must be cleaned properly.  Also as with people, cats release radioactive iodine through perspiration. Unlike people, cats sweat mainly through their paws. Any place your cat may walk or climb should be decontaminated. Cats, being the agile animals that they are, jump onto and walk across furniture, beds, countertops, etc.  As they do, they are likely contaminating these surfaces with radioactive iodine.

Cats bathe themselves by licking their fur; the evaporation of saliva from their fur also helps to cool the cat. This frequent “bathing” will also cause contamination of their fur from saliva.  Because of this, your hands may become contaminated when handling your pet. Using Bind-It™ Hand Soap regularly over the course of the treatment period will reduce the risk of second hand exposure to family.

S4FE-D™ CBRN Decontamination Spray is ready to use on the litter box, floor almost any surface that may be contaminated.  The spray head helps to soak the surface with S4FE-D™ allowing it to go to work pulling the radioactive iodine off of almost any surface and locking it in solution so it can be safely wiped away.

These items will provide the flexibility to clean most surfaces in your home that become contaminated.  Detailed instructions for use are included with all orders.  These instructions are also very helpful in detailing many of the surfaces around your home which will need cleaning.  Iodine is a very reactive element that can migrate into some very unlikely spots – even attaching to dust particles or becoming airborne.  Proper use of S4FE-D™ can minimize the danger of second hand exposure to family.

If you cat is contain in a large isolation area, you may need more Bind-It™. S4FE-D™ Home  Isolation Kit is the answer.