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S4FE-D CBRN Decontaminant Soap

S4FE-D CBRN Decontaminant Soap

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  • Effective cleaner and decontaminant in one
  • Highly effective on: Tc, Mo, I, F, Tl, Ga, In, Lu, Cr, Sm, Cs, Ac, Pb—all Nuclear Medicine Isotopes
  • Binds and removes radioactive skin contamination
  • Designed for skin and routine washing, with a pH of 8
  • Ideal for anyone routinely around contamination (Chem, Bio or Rad)
  • Extremely effective on I-131;  keep in isolation rooms to reduce contamination.
  • 48 month shelf-life (open or unopened)
  • Pleasant almond scent


S4FE-D™ CBRN Decontaminant Soap - powered by Bind-It™ comes in a 16oz pump bottle. S4FE-D™ CBRN Decontaminant Soap is highly effective on all isotopes used in nuclear medicine, even radio-iodines. S4FE-D™ CBRN  Decontaminant Soap leaves you hand soft, clean and free of chemical, biological, and radiological contamination. S4FE-D™ CBRN Decontaminant Soap has a pleasant almond scent that does not change after isotope contact.

In fact, S4FE-D™ CBRN Decontaminant Soap is so effective at removing I131, that many hospitals which have patient isolation rooms place S4FE-D™ CBRN Decontaminant Soap in the rooms for the patients wash their hands. This cuts down tremendously on contamination around the room.  Post-patient cleanup made simple.

In independent 3rd party tests, S4FE-D™ CBRN Decontaminant was shown to effectively remove 99% of radioactive contaminants. Bind-It is effective on I123, I125, I131, I129, Tc99m, TI201, In111, F18, Ga67, Mo99, Ac225, Cs137, Lu177, Pb212 and more.

Proven Results

S4FE-D™ CBRN Decontaminant Soap is the safest and most effective rapid decontamination product available. Our proprietary Bind-It™ Decontaminant Formula attracts, binds and encapsulates contamination in solution, while strong surfactants lift away dirt, dust, oils, grease, bacteria, germs, viruses, blood, biological material, chemicals, and radioactive contaminates. 

In independent 3rd party tests, S4FE-D™ CBRN Decontaminant was shown to effectively

  • Removes 98% of Chemical Contaminants
  • Removes 98% of Biological Contaminants
  • Removes 99% of Radioactive Contaminants

The Bind-It™ Decontaminant formula has been used for over 30 years and is proven safe and effective for all surfaces, including skin.

Read our test results HERE


Product Warranty: 1 year warranty again manufacturer's defects 

S4FE-D™ CBRN Decontaminant Soap is shelf stable, the stability is unaffected by exposure to air. Bind-It™ Decontaminate has a guaranteed shelf life of at least 48 months, open or unopened. ( keep bottle closed when not in use to avoid evaporation.)

Directions for use

Pump S4FE-D™ CBRN Decontaminant Soap into you wet hands. Rub your skin for 60 seconds, rinse with clean water.  Heavily contaminated skin may require repeated cleaning.